The Maffra Gymnastic Club was established in 1984 and conducted classes in the Maffra High School Activity Centre. The constant setting out and packing up of equipment for each session became too much of a burden and in 1992 a small, but suitably equipped commercial building was leased in Empire Place, Maffra. This building quickly became too confined for the rapidly expanding club, so in June 1995 the Maffra Gymnastic Club took the opportunity to move to its current venue at multi-purpose Gordon Cameron Sporting Complex on Morison Street, Maffra which was undergoing major renovations at the time.

The Maffra Gymnastic Club had the goal of developing into a top class training facility for gymnastics instruction and competition. This goal led to the extension of the original space in the complex, by a further 540 square metres (effectively doubling the size) in 1999. To get the gymnastics centre to this stage required a great deal of support from the Maffra Gymnastic Club committee and members, including extensive club fundraising, a grant from SRV and the WSC, the support of local investors, the in-kind labour of local tradespeople and the donation of building supplies.

Gymnastics for everyone

Over the club’s history it has produced a variety of Victorian Institute of Sport gymnasts, a Victorian National Gymnast of the Year, a Victorian Gymnastics State Team Captain, an assortment of National and State Team Members and State Champions continuing through to the current day.

While Maffra Gymnastics has a proud competitive history, the central theme has always been to remain a “fun, friendly and inclusive” club. The attainment of this theme was rewarded in 2014, when the Maffra Gymnastic Club became the recipients of a Vic Health Award for the ‘Gymnastics for All Program’, in the category of Building Health through Sport.

Julia Gilligan - Institute of Sport 1992. State & Australian Representative 1993 - 1996
Kelly Bronts - State Team - 1992
Jonny Bronts - State Team - 1998
Megan Dowse - State Team - 2000 - 2004. Aust Team - 2004
Amie Milkins - State Team - 2003 & 2004
Breanna Pratt - State Team - 2004
Kathleen Gannon - State Team - 2007 & 2009
Tom Finlay - State Team (DMT) - 2016, 2017 & 2018
The achievement of this goal was recognised in 2003 when Maffra Gymnastic Club hosted the National Club Championships and culminated in the club being named National Club of the Year by Gymnastics Australia that year. This was a most prestigious  honour and was the highest award in the field of general gymnastics. It was awarded to Maffra for the effort and commitment invested in continual improvement and club development. This award is a testament to the club committee, coaches and the members who assist in our club becoming so widely recognised. Earlier this year, at the Gymnastics Victoria Awards night, Maffra Gymnastics was awarded the 2015 Medium Sized Club of the Year (200 - 600 members), then also the Overall Gymnastic Club of the Year.
Aaron Benc - State Team (DMT) - 2017, 2018 & 2019
Kyren Allison - State Team (Tumbling) - 2017
Katelyn Henderson - State Team (Tumbling) - 2017, 2018 & 2019     
Henry Noble - State Team (DMT) - 2018
Holly Medhurst - State Team (Tumbling) - 2018
Ella McCubbin - State Team (Tumbling) - 2018
Tess O’Toole - State Team (Tumbling) - 2018